Seven Teams So Far

Contributed by Damon_Linkous on Mar 09, 2011 - 07:31 PM

Seven teams are now registered to compete in the 2011 Tybee 500, thank you for taking a minute to fill out the online registration form.

So far these are the teams for this years race. I know there must be 10 or 15 more boats out there that just haven't visited this site to register, if you know someone who has stated they want to do the 2011 Tybee 500 please let them know they need to come here and  fill out the simple form. We are approaching two months till the start date and many plans, deposits, and schedules need to be finalized soon, so it is very important to know who will be competing this year.

Team Name Class Skipper Crew
Royal Yellow N20 Steve Lohmeyer Jay Sonnenklar
Royal Orange N20 Jared Sonnenklar Colin Page
Great Texas F18 Seve Piche Juke Ball
Velocity Sailing 1 N20 Trey Brown Baily White
Velocity Sailing 4
F18 Matt Krogstad Thomas Poutays
Velocity Sailing 3
N20 Alan Friedman Alan Stewart
Velocity Sailing 2
N20 Don LenZesty
Ryan DootyBritches Boyle

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